About PPI Scotland

PPI Scotland is a claims management company based in Glasgow, Scotland. Since opening for business over 5 years ago our team have had incredible success in reclaiming mis-sold PPI for customers. During this period we have had some huge pay-outs to the tune of £30k and £40k – many to customers who never even knew they had PPI in the first place!

A friendly bunch

PPI Scotland is in the business of helping others and our Scottish team are a dedicated bunch eager to give you a voice and to redress the balance between you and the banks.

Our Promise

PPI Scotland believe that our reputation is everything which is why have never, nor will we, cold call anyone. Our customers come to us through word of mouth or by finding us through search engines.

We are regulated by the Ministry of Justice

Unlike some other claims management organisatons we are regulated by the ministry of justice. What this means to you as a customer is that we agree to abide by a clear set of guidelines set down by the government.

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